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Naturally Raised Grass Fed Beef, Free Range Chicken, Pork, and Turkey

Growing Food That's Good for You . . . Naturally!!!
Happy, Properly Fed Animals means Delicious, Healthy Food

At Parable Farm we raise our cows the way they were intended . . . free range pastured on green grass, under blue skies (and rain), no crowding, and never any grain, antibiotics, or hormones. Although we are not certified organic, our cows are completely grass fed, from the day they are born here on the farm, from our organic pastures.

We also raise fabulous chickens, pigs, and turkeys. All are pastured raised and fed the best all natural diet possible.

Have You Seen Our Article in Lake Erie Lifestyle
"One of the many things I've learned from my grandchildren and their health-conscious mom and dad is 'know where your food comes from and how it's produced.'"

For a full copy of the article press the following link.    


Parable Farm Gift Certificates!
Now you can give the gift of good health and good eating. Parable Farm gift certificates are a great gift for birthdays, anniversary's, holidays, housewarmings, business incentives, really for any occasion or event.

Just 3 easy steps and you're ready to go:
1. Click on the PDF button below to print out a copy of the gift certificate
2. Call us with your payment information; either credit card or check
3. Completely fill out you're gift certificate, including the amount you purchased, the authorization code we gave you with your payment, your name, and who it is for.

That's all there is to it and you're ready to go. It's that simple to give that special someone, relative, friend, co-worker, employee, or business associate the gift of good healthy eating and a better life style.

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Stop by and visit our Farm Store for a variety of delicious grass-fed beef cuts and other products. We look forward to seeing you.

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