Parable Farm, Inc.

Welcome to Parable Farm!

100% Grassfed Beef, Free Range Pastured Chicken, Turkey, and Pork. Only non GMO feeds used!


At Parable Farm, our mission is to raise our animals as close to how nature intended as we can.

We grow food that's good for you . . . naturally!!!
Happy, properly fed animals results in better tasting and healthier food for you.

At Parable Farm we raise our animals the way they were intended to live . . . free range pastured on green grass, under blue skies, no crowding, and never any grain, antibiotics, or hormones.

Although we are not certified organic, our cows are completely grass fed from the day they are born here on the farm, from our organic pastures. We also raise fabulous chickens, pigs, and turkeys. All are pastured raised and fed the best all natural diet possible.


Email us to inquire about CSA shares for the 2020 Fall/Winter rotation.


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