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40 lb. Beef Boxes

Please Call for availability and to arrange a pickup time in our store.

Ground Beef Box
$5.95/lb.    .25 discount off regular retail price

40lbs. of Premium Ground Steak. Apx. $240.00

The reason that the price is approximate is that the weight of each package is approximatly 1 lb. At the time you place your order we will weigh your packages and get the exact weight for your order. Once we have the actual weight for your order we will apply the discounted price to calculate what you will be charged. It will be within a few dollars of the approximate price shown above.

Standard Box:
$280.00 - $300.00    
 SAVE $.25/lb

For those new to the grass-fed beef world, or those who just like a nice little variety pack, our 40# standard cuts box is a great way to go. Below is a typical items list of what you can expect to find in your box, but we will substitute comparable items when we run out of a particular cut. These boxes also make terrific gifts for the holiday seasons, birthdays, or as premium incentives for your business clients.

15 Ground Steak
2 Chuck Roasts
2 Meaty Soup Bones
2 Stew Beef
1 Rump Roast
2 Sirloin Steaks
2 Sirloin Tip Steaks
Apx. $290.00

The exact price is calculated at the time we put your box together. We weigh each cut seperatly and calcuate the normal retail price. Once we have the actual weight of all of your items we multiply the weight by .25 to determine the amount of your discount. That discount is applied to normal retail cost for your items.

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