Parable Farm, Inc.

About Us

   Since 1999 Parable Farm has been dedicated to creating a sustained environment that is both animal and earth friendly. Our main focus is to provide our animals the best possible living environment, and by doing so we are able to provide our customers the most delicious and nutritious meats available. Located on 680 beautiful acres in western New York, we believe that the best way we can care about our customers is to care even more about our animals and the environment they live in. We have a closed herd of cattle that ranges in size from about 90 to 120 head, depending on the time of year. For those unfamiliar with the term "closed herd" this simply means all of our cows are born and raised right here on our farm, on our grass, and are guaranteed to be 100% grain free. This helps us to ensure that all our animals meet the highest standards for health, nutrition, and taste.

   Our herd is comprised mostly of Black Angus, with some Red Devon, Red Angus, and Hereford. Our cows eat one thing and one thing only—grass; 100% pasture raised on our organic pastures. Our cows are raised without the use of any antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or fertilizers. What we do “use” is green grass, blue sky, fresh air, rainy days, pure water and plenty of grazing room.

   We utilize a simple formula: a healthy diet plus a generous amount of a carefree happy environment, equals a happy and content animal. This allows us to provide our customers with a product that is both nutritious and delicious. Our commitment to our customers is only exceeded by our commitment to the land and the animals.

   Although our cattle are our main focus, we do also raise free-range pastured chickens. They are fed a proprietary high end grain mix prepared especially for us right here at our local grain mill. We also raise a limited amount of free-range pastured turkeys that are ready for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and our wonderful lean pork.  Our pigs are raised in our woods where they can live their pigginess, rooting, wallowing & playing.  They are funny and they have good, wholesome lives with us.  Because of all of this they are lean, delicious and nutritious.