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Prime Rib Roast

It's Prime Rib, do we need to say any more? Certainly a classic. Best cooked in the oven and served on the rare side.



Sirloin Roast

Few meats are as tender, juicy and flavorful as good roast beef, yet none is easier to prepare. It needs nothing beyond salt and pepper and proper cooking. And, while it is most commonly sliced thin, it can also be carved thick and served like steak, especially if you start with sirloin



Rump Roast

Rump roast is a large cut of beef that comes from the cow's hip area. Rolled rump roast is a thick piece of meat that risks drying out during the cooking process, so it can be difficult to get tender results if you grill it or use other high-heat methods. Instead, combine rolled rump roast with beef broth and cook it slowly over low heat to ensure it remains as tender as possible. Using a crock pot is a very good method for this cut.



Eye Round Roast

Often stuffed, or cut into steaks, eye round is often used as less expensive alternative to Filet Mignon. Cook slowely over a low heat, with liquid in the pan to help keep it tender



Chuck Roast

One of the best family cuts, chuck roast is usually cooked with liquid as a pot roast. The bone-in chuck steak or roast is one of the more economical cuts of beef. The chuck contains a lot of connective tissue, including collagen (very healthy for you), which partially melts during cooking.










Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon, French for “dainty filet” is taken from the tenderloin. It is considered the tenderest cut of beef. Best if cooked either pan fried or grilled, this juicy cut is best served medium rare.



NY Strip

Tender and flavorful, NY Strip is one of the most versatile steaks which can be cooked virtually any way you want too, as long as it is hot and fast. Great grilled, this steak is also perfect for the pan, as in a very hot cast iron pan.




Juicy and ready for the barbecue, a porterhouse is a composite steak coming from the point where the tenderloin and top loin meet. More or less a larger and thicker cut T-Bone.



Prime Rib Steak

The Prime Rib Roast cut into steaks. Best served on the rare side, great grilled or quick seared in a skillet.




An american classic that is best grilled with a good bit of carmelization. Cook quickly and on high heat to create a perfect steak.



Flank Steak

Can you say "fajitas"? The flank steak is technically not a steak, but has become so popular in the last few decades that it can't be ignored. The flank is the belly muscle of the cow and is typically cut into small pieces. The flank is very flavorful but contains almost no fat and will be tough pretty much no matter how you cook it. It is crucial to cut flank steak properly, cutting it along the bias will produce a fall apart, melt in your mouth cut of meat.



Sirloin Steak

An often overlooked cut of meat, Sirloin Steak makes a create alternative to family steak night. It comes from the back end just behind the T-bone and Porterhouse.





Soups, Stews & Ground


Stew Beef

One of the homiest comfort foods, beef stew practically cooks itself as it slowly simmers on the stove.  Beef for stew is boneless, pre-cut cubes, typically from the chuck or round. The ideal size for uniform cooking is about a 3/4 to 1-1/2 inch cube. If you prefer to cut your own cubes, any chuck or round cut -except top round - may be used.



Ground Beef

We call it ground beef so you will know what it is, but really what you get is ground steak. We grind the entire animal, not just the scraps, so you get a superior product that is prime grade. The result is that you get the leanest, fullest flavor ground beef we think you will ever eat.  


Short Ribs

Short ribs can be braised, used in stews, soups, and do very well in a slow cooker. Boil or slow cook the ribs for a time to get them tender and then smoother them in you favorite barbecue sauce and broil till blackened slightly, delicious.



Soup Bones



Organ Meats


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