Parable Farm, Inc.

Join the CSA

2018 Fall/Winter CSA Share Signup Form  

How Do I Join?

Send us an e-mail or give us a call at 716-581-1709, and tell us what kinds of shares you would like, it's that easy. Then you can sit back and relax knowing you have made a wises investment in the health of your family, your local economy and the environment. Pick up times and places will be posted on our web site, or you can just call us, and we will let you know where and when. We will maintain a consistent schedule so you can experience the benefits of a set routine.

What Can I Expect in my Delivery?

The highest quality, all natural meats available. Please note: since an entire animal must be slaughtered, an entire animal must be sold. Doing anything else would be unethical, wasteful, and would do a disservice to the animal. For this reason, you can not pick and choose any specific cuts, nor can we guarantee any specific cuts in your delivery. We do guarantee the quality and variety of our product. In an effort to provide everyone with an equal variety of cuts and to use the entire animal, it is necessary to include cuts that may not be familiar to you. Don’t panic, we are here for you! It is for this reason we include cooking tips and recipes on our web site. We are also available via e-mail, or just pick up the phone and call.  We look forward to the opportunity to share our experience with you!

Opting Out or Coming in Mid-cycle

If you need to opt out for some reason, unfortunately we cannot refund any money. The reason for this is that we would have already sent the animals for slaughter or purchased and raised animals for your share. We ask you to look at whatever is left as a donation to the cause of small family farms. If you want to purchase a CSA share in mid-cycle, we will be happy to pro-rate the share for you as availability allows.