Parable Farm, Inc.


Please call for pricing and availability on all items. 


Although feed costs have skyrocketed we believe we can maintain our prices through this year with better management skills. Please be assured we will never waver on our commitment to feed our birds the best possible feed so we provide our customers with the quality product you deserve.

Cornish Rock Cross:

Fresh $5.75/lb
Frozen $5.90/lb

Special Order

Gizzards $5.50/lb. cleaned
Special Order

If you purchase 15 or more chickens there is a $.25/lb. discount.
Fresh birds are quartered at your request: $2.00/bird.


Whole $4.50/lb.
Ground $8.00/lb.
Legs $5.00/lb.
Wings $5.00/lb

There is a $40.00 non-refundable deposit required with all whole turkey orders.